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Multiple Income Streams

If you have read the article, So You Want to be a Millionaire? you would have seen how becoming a millionaire can be achieved in relatively simple fashion. The drawback is that it could take 20 to 30 years. In this article, we want to start focusing on reducing this timeframe. Read the rest of Multiple Income Streams »


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Buy A Home?

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Buy a Home?

The heading is phrased as a question rather than an advice statement, because there is a debate about whether this is really a good idea. It is pretty much agreed that owning a home is a good thing, but the question is, at what point is it best to do this Read the rest of Buy A Home? »


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Build A Reserve Fund

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Build a reserve

Now that you are saving, you need to have some targets. Maybe you want to buy a car, and/or a house. You need to plan for these things. How much do you want to pay upfront, and how much are you willing to borrow? Read the rest of Build A Reserve Fund »


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Automate The Millionaire Plan

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One of the regular problems with a good plan, is getting it implemented. It is good to put away a portion of your income to a retirement fund. It is good to save. But human nature being as it is, causes the plan to abort, if not before it even gets started, then probably in the very early stages. Most people just don’t have the discipline required to carry out something positive on a regular basis, for extended periods.

The good news is Read the rest of Automate The Millionaire Plan »



Pay Yourself First!

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If you’ve read any of Robert Kiyosaki’s books, or other books on acquiring wealth, you’ve probably heard this phrase before. There’s one guy, who when first encountered it, used to wonder how practical this was. That’s because he did not understand the meaning. He would reason that if he paid himself first, then tried to take care of the bills, then there might not be enough. Or, he would have to pay himself only what he knows he would have remaining after all expenses got taken care of, and in which case, it wouldn’t matter whether he paid himself, or the bills first. Read the rest of Pay Yourself First! »


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Save And Become A Millionaire

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That sounds simple, and probably too simplistic for some. But do not overlook it! Consider how much saving $100 a month will impact your monetary value in 20 to 30 years time. Read the rest of Save And Become A Millionaire »


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So You Want To Be A Millionaire? – Introduction

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For many people, the idea of becoming a millionaire, triggers thoughts of all sorts of get rich quick schemes and scams, or maybe winning the lottery.

Naturally, one would rather be rich sooner than later. But how would you feel if you spent your time pursuing these quick fixes, only to reach retirement age with little or nothing to show for it? Read the rest of So You Want To Be A Millionaire? – Introduction »


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