Revitol Stretch Mark Cream -Does it work?

Does Revitol stretch mark cream work as it is advertised? I’ve been on a quest to find a stretch mark cream to remove stretch marks for sometime now. Having checked out the entry on this site about whether Trilastin System 2 removes stretch marks, and not seeing anyone reply, it leads me to doubt the effectiveness of that solution. So I want to focus here on the Revitol product on the market for stretch marks.

I want to be fair to the product, which in this case is Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. It wouldn’t be right to expect it to do something that it is not said to do. Therefore, I will highlight here what effects you can expect to get from using the product, according to Revitol.

The first thing to note is that the primary use advertised is that of prevention. The Revitol stretch mark cream is supposed to primarily prevent stretch marks. While pregnant women seem to be the main target audience for this cream, I would expect that it should still function in a similar manner for those who are prone to developing stretch marks, such as adolescents and body builders.

Now although prevention is what is stressed for what the cream is good for, it is also claimed that this cream is good for treating already existing stretch marks. However, unlike other products on the market, it is stated quite explicitly that it will not remove stretch marks completely. Here is a quotation from Revitol:

“A great product, such as our Stretch Mark Prevention cream, will significantly diminish the appearance of stretch marks, but we cannot guarantee they will be gone completely”

Fair enough. In judging this product, we should not expect that it will totally eradicate existing stretch marks. However, if it significantly diminishes the appearance of stretch marks, then that means there should clearly be a noticeable difference in using this product.

I submit that the basis on judging Revitol stretch mark prevention cream, is not so much on whether it prevents stretch marks, but on whether it really reduces existing stretch marks to any great extent. The reason why I would use this as the focal point in evaluating the product, as opposed to what it is primarily advertised as, is that it is really difficult to tell whether it did prevent stretch marks. For the fact that you are pregnant, does not mean that you will develop stretch marks without the aid of creams. Therefore, using the cream and finding that you did not develop stretch marks does not conclusively show that the cream worked, as there was a chance anyway that you would not have acquired stretch marks.

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream comes with a money back guarantee. However, as at the time of writing this, the conditions for which this applies were not clearly spelt out in the policy details. Hopefully this will soon be corrected.

Now I have not used Revitol stretch mark cream, and I do not know anyone who has. But I put this call out for any who has any experience with this product, to share your experience. I want this place to be for honest feedback. Affiliate links will not be allowed in any replies to this.


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One Response to “Revitol Stretch Mark Cream -Does it work?”

  1. M Granger Says:

    I never review products but I had to write about this one. I’ve always been very skeptical with stretch mark creams because it never works for me and my skin is super sensitive so if I happen to choose the wrong one, I WILL get a bad rash. My friend actually mentioned the Dr. Max Powers “Stretch Mark Treatment” to me saying it made her skin feel super smooth. I tried hers and was sold. I was skeptical at first because I thought it was just men’s workout products, but they had a stretch mark cream for the body builders I guess.

    I had visible stretch marks on my belly from the pregnancy and now its so light I can barely see them. On top of that, my skin seriously feels so smooth (the husband loves this btw!). I just bought my second one and it still works great!

    As an online shopper, I find myself to be very skeptical about buying “certain” products online. For me, I was pretty adamant about getting my stretch marks lightened up; not knowing anything about which products to try, I was referred to try this one. The price was reasonable, the product looked good, so I decided to give it a shot. After about 4 weeks I started noticing my marks slowly fading away. If anyone is really serious about getting their stretch marks taken care of; I would highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Stretch Mark product.

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