The Solar power Michael Harvey/Earth4energy SCAM!

I was recently doing some investigating into how I could possibly reduce my electricity bill, and I decided to look into solar power. Now I had always heard that it takes an exorbitant amount of money to install a solar system that would be useful. So imagine my surprise when I came across the Michael Harvey (earth4energy) offer, where supposedly one can reduce their electricity bill by 80% by following Harvey’s do it yourself solar power setup, and for less than $250!

Reading the offer, with all the testimonials and the wild promises, made my mouth water. Of course anything sounding so good, sets off the scam alert warning in my head. So I decided to search for “michael harvey scam” and “earth4energy scam”. The interesting thing is, even in these results that came back, there was still a lot of positive things being said. Sites that supposedly were exposing it as a scam turned out to be endorsing it. However, a keen reader of these sites would realise that these folks are basically just trying to sell the product and benefit from some kind of affiliate or mlm system. It’s obvious. So many different sites pushing it, and people just giving these great testimonials where at the end they give you a link to purchase the manual.

The truth is, many if not most of those who are promoting earth4energy simply have not tried it themselves. They simply see a product that has high commission rates, and decide to get a piece of the pie. I have been learning a lot of stuff about internet marketing recently, and I participate in forums where people admit that they write reviews of products that they’ve never used. One person even gave tips on how to do that.

You should also be aware that one of the scammers set up a site with the url earth4energyscam, where they basically say it is not a scam. What a joke! Don’t believe it.

These crooks must be exposed. Here is one site that you should really check out if you still feel you might be missing out on something. Michael Harvey Scam

For those of you promoting this product without ever trying it out, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Put a stop to it, and do some honest business. It is time to put an end to this earth4energy scam.

If you genuinely feel or know that it is not a scam, then post your comments to that effect, either here or at the link above. It is time these people are exposed thoroughly!


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5 Responses to “The Solar power Michael Harvey/Earth4energy SCAM!”

  1. David Peterson Says:

    I understand the points you are making however, you are guilty of the same crime as these faux reviewers. You never tried the product. I’d like to see just how bad it is from someone who has tried it.

  2. Crystite Says:

    @David, Thanks for your comment. However, I did post a link to someone who has acquired the e-book and has evaluated it. Check it out, as he has a lot more detail on this scam.

  3. Alan Vallis Says:

    You’re dead right. It’s a blatant con. I’m a marine engineer and have spent 40 years operating and maintaining power plants on ships and onshore.

    The devices this organisation is selling will produce power but not enough to have a significant effect on any normal normal power bill.

    If you look carefully at some of the sites that you find if you search for the earth4energy scam, it’s obvious that they had been set up by the scammer himself.


    It’s the old story: if it’s too good to be true it probably is.

  4. Giulio Says:

    Alan, as a marine engineer I think you probably had to do with wind power, and you should disclose this fact. Wind is notoriously an unreliable source of energy and few people live in places where they can make use of it, but this is not true for solar energy. For the wind turbine to work effectively you need wind but this doesn’t mean that the wind turbine they make you build doesn’t work if there’s wind. It’s probably not much and it’s not enough alone. Also build solar panels is definitely possible, and the energy you get depends on many factors, but they can definitely help you reduce the power bill, and the solar energy is more reliable and constant than the wind

  5. Giulio Says:

    Sorry for the double comment but I wanted to separate the two issues: the true problem of the book is not that it is a scam (in fact I think it’s not), but that it makes you pay for information you can already find on the internet for free. There are many websites out there that teach you how to build solar panels at home. If they want to spread this knowledge is because it works. I’m an electrical engineer, I’ve seen their projects and they work, provided you find the right solar cells. I don’t know how much they can reduce your bill, but I know they can improve your comfort at home. Imagine to connect the panels to the air conditioning. You can turn the air con on during the hottest hours of the day when the sun shine and the panels work at maximum efficiency and you’ll have fresh air for free.

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