Lunaire Bras – Sample the Variety

Lunaire bras are designed with full busted women in mind. They are ideal for women ranging in cup size C to DDD. Lunaire understands the subtleties of the female figure and so has produced bras which accentuate a woman’s shape, while providing comfort and proper support in very tasteful fashions. Lunaire even provides panties to match.

Types of Lunaire Bras

Among the different types of bras made by Lunaire are the underwire bra, the soft cup bra, and the minimizer. Each of these come in an assortment of styles with features to satisfy the special needs of fuller busted women. We will now take a closer look at some of the various styles.

Underwire Lunaire Bras

Lunaire underwire bras include the Mayfair Camisole lace, the Sevilla Scroll Embroidered and the Versailles Seamless Jacquard. The Mayfair Camisole lace comes with darted seams, which provides nice shaping and comfortable support. It comes in sheer stretch nylon with a sexy lace overlay. The cups are lined just enough so that it is not see-through.  The Lunaire Sevilla Scroll Embroidered demi underwire bra comes in sheer mesh with truly beautiful scroll embroidery. It comes with a non stretch center gore that adds support. The Lunaire Versailles Seamless Jacquard underwire bra comes with cotton-lined front straps for comfort, sheer mesh wings, supportive inner slings in a sheer floral jacquard design. There are several other Lunaire underwire bras available.

Soft Cup Lunaire Bras

The Lunaire soft cup bras include the Sevilla Scroll Embroidered and the Versailles Seamless Jacquard. The Sevilla Scroll embroidered soft cup bra, like the underwire bra of the same style, comes in sheer mesh and a non stretch center gore. Its scallop lace and embroidered trim is ideal for sexy romantic occasions. The Versailles Seamless Jacquard is a seamless, no wire soft cup bra. Like the underwire bra, it comes in a sheer floral jacquard construct. It has a satin ribbon bow and its cups being mesh-lined provide shape while side sling supports inside the cups provide lift.

Minimizer Lunaire Bras

Among the minimizers are the Lunaire Charlotte Minimizer Bra and the Lunaire Jakarta Lace Minimizer Bra. The Charlotte minimizer is actually a type of underwire bra that features sheer stretch lace, floral embroidery running along the bustline, and mesh-lined full cups. The Jakarta Lace minimizer is also an underwire bra. It comes in ultra sheer stretch lace, giving it a very sexy look. The front straps are rigid, to give sufficient support.

There is a lot more to Lunaire bras. Only a sample of what is available has been highlighted here, and even among these, the features listed for each kind were not exhausted. What should be clear is that the Lunaire bras are rich in variety, and would make a fine addition to one’s lingerie collection.

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