The Legal Issues Of Raising Chickens At Home

Have you ever considered the thought of keeping chickens as pets at home? Normally, folks would go with the traditional dog, cat, gold fish or hamster as household pets. Oftentimes when one thinks of raising chickens, one will imagine a farm in the outskirts of somewhere like Arkansas. It is quite unusual for people to keep chickens as pets in the urban area.

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Solar Patio Lights -Your Learning Resource

Are solar patio lights worth buying or are they a waste of money as some say? Are they bright enough to light up your patio? How long do they last? Do they need to be placed in the sunlight to be effective? These questions regarding solar lights for the patio, and more will be addressed here. Read the rest of Solar Patio Lights -Your Learning Resource »

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Garden Hose Holders

Garden hose holders really should be as common as garden hoses, which are standard implements in many homes. Garden hoses are necessary tools to water our plants and lawns in order to keep them looking lush and beautiful. They are also convenient for chores such as washing cars and for cleaning those hard to reach areas that need a steady gush of water. However, while most persons will purchase a garden hose, not everyone automatically thinks to purchase a garden hose holder as well. But it makes sense to also get a hose holder.

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Triple Pane Windows -What To Know

What is a Triple Pane Window?

Windows generally come in either single pane, double pane or triple pane. A triple pane window is simply a window that has an exterior, middle and interior pane, with a layer of gas (usually argon or krypton, though sometimes air) between the middle pane and the other two panes. As such triple pane windows are very energy efficient, moreso than the other window types. That is, they greatly reduce loss of heat from inside, and the transmission from outside to inside. In other words, when the time is hot, the heat from outside will not easily seep into your home or building through these windows. Similarly, when it is cold, the heat inside your home will not easily leak out through these windows.

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Revitol Stretch Mark Cream -Does it work?

Does Revitol stretch mark cream work as it is advertised? I’ve been on a quest to find a stretch mark cream to remove stretch marks for sometime now. Having checked out the entry on this site about whether Trilastin System 2 removes stretch marks, and not seeing anyone reply, it leads me to doubt the effectiveness of that solution. So I want to focus here on the Revitol product on the market for stretch marks.

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How To Reverse Gray Hair

Can grey hair even be reversed? The answer is a most definite yes. I know for certain because I have observed this with my own hair.

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Laws of Lifetime Growth -Always make your future bigger than your past

A few years ago I bought and read the book, The Laws of Lifetime Growth, by Dan Sullivan. As the title would suggest, it is about personal growth.  The book advocates 10 laws. In this brief post, which will the first of a series, I will highlight the first one.

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A Cheap Natural Acne Treatment – Neem

I was doing some research on hair products and bought this hair oil that did wonders for my hair. I took note of the ingredients and did a bit of research on each one. The ingredient that really got my attention though was neem oil because I never knew about it before then.

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Natural Acne Treatments – Apple Cider Vinegar

In the latter part of 2008 I began scouring the net for cheap home remedies for acne. I read some information on the use of apple cider vinegar, which was to be diluted and applied to the face for a few minutes and then rinsed off.

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Natural Acne Treatments Introduction -Seeking Solution To My Acne Problem

Acne is a skin infection characterized by pimples and blackheads. The area of the skin most vulnerable to acne appears to be the face. Acne also sometimes appears on the upper back and chest regions. This skin disease is not life threatening, but it can seriously damaging to a person’s confidence and self-esteem as acne pimples and scars, particularly facial acne, can be very unsightly and unattractive. For this reason many individuals spend a lot of money on products that claim to be acne solutions. And I am not here to put down the effectiveness of any product. All I will say is that there are cheaper, more natural remedies out there that are sometimes more effective than the chemical based solutions.

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Gray Hair Shampoo (aka Grey Hair Shampoo)

As someone who has been getting way too many gray hairs way too early, I started doing some research on how to slow this down, or even reverse it altogether. As I was looking around, I started to read stuff about shampoo for gray hair.  Here I just want to share a little of what I’ve learnt about this stuff.

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About Dating -Advice For Men

Every now and then some guys are faced with the dilemma of dating. Most seem to worry about what to say and not to say, and just how to go about impressing her. But I want to suggest a better approach, and I’ll here give my dating advice for men. The question is, should you or should you not date?

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DIY: Make Your Own Air Conditioner

An earlier post explored some ways to cool down your house during the summer without AC.  The problem with air conditioners, is that they tend to use a lot of electricity, thereby increasing the utility bill. I came across this video which shows how you can make your own air conditioner (AC), and so thought it would be a good addition to this section, as it might do the trick of providing the cooling you desire without incurring as much expense as having a real AC.

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Security For Sliding Glass Doors

I guess my mind has been on sliding glass doors recently. This time I want to say something about securing sliding glass doors. From researching sliding glass doors, I have come to realise that there is a lot of attention given to the matter of securing them. Apparently thieves see them as a point of vulnerability, and so will target them.

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Ways to Make Money Online -An Introduction

For some years now I’ve been looking for ways to make money online. I personally have tried a number of ways, and I’ve also been planning certain projects which I believe have huge potential.  In this post though, what I want to do, is give an introduction to this subject and highlight the general ways one can go about making money online. The specifics will come in subsequent entries. Hopefully you’ll find something here useful that can supplement your more secure plan to become a millionaire. I will now list 9 ways I’ve seen people pursue this goal, 2 of which I would not recommend.

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How To Clean Your Patio Awning Without Taking It Down

Ever had an awning for your patio or elsewhere that needed cleaning, but was just too much trouble to take down?  Maybe you haven’t, but I certainly had this problem.

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How to Check For NoFollow/DoFollow

In the introduction to dofollow and nofollow, we looked at what these terms mean, and we saw reasons why one would want to do either. What I want to do now, is look at a couple ways you can check to see if a link is dofollow or nofollow, and hence whether a site would classify as dofollow/nofollow.

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Improving Lighting And More With Sliding Glass Doors

I have been trying to find ways to improve the lighting in my home. My place is not very big, and the windows don’t really open so well. So I was brainstorming ways to brighten up the place and sliding glass doors came to mind.

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Idea For Cooling Down Home During Summer

Where I live, during the summer time, it can get really hot inside. I have a slab roof, and this seems to just drink up the heat and transmit it inside. So usually when I get home on a typically hot summer day, it feels really hot inside, and it is a most uncomfortable feeling.

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Introduction To DoFollow and NoFollow

In certain circles, especially among those who are into search engine optimisation (SEO), the terms dofollow and nofollow often come up. If you are new to building and/or promoting websites, you probably have no clue what this refers to. But if you seriously want your site to get maximum visibility, you need to be aware of what these terms mean. Read the rest of Introduction To DoFollow and NoFollow »

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