Chantelle Volupte Seamless Minimizer Bra 2361

Chantelle bras are known for their quality, trendiness and sensuality. Many would attest to the notion that these are some of the finest bras on the market. The Volupte Seamless minimizer is no exception. As a minimizer, this bra was made for the more voluptous women who want to give a smaller appearance, or who want to reduce movement in the chest area.

This bra will reduce the bust size by one cup. It is an underwire bra and give nice support and shape to the breasts but without a lot of padding. The cups are made of rigid microfiber, and are not see through. The sides are seamless which gives a smooth look when covered with the outer garment. It keeps the breasts fixed in place by a wide center gore. This Chantelle minimizer bra has a leotard back, which reduces any back fat that one may have, and as a result gives even more support. As the straps are padded lightly, it fits quite comfortably over the shoulders. The straps themselves are restrictive in their stretch, which therefore acts as anchorage, and contributes to the overall stable support of the bra. The straps do adjust in the rear with a metal fixture. Bear in mind that Chantelle is a French company, and as such, the sizing is based on the European standard. So for eg. an E cup is the equivalent of a DD in the US.

Customers who have purchased this bra are generally satisfied and actually quite pleased. They often comment positvely on its comfort and support. So don’t be put off by the fact that it is an underwire bra. Some have said that it can function as a sports bra, as prevents jiggling or excessive movement when doing activities such as working out, or dancing. Those who might be petite in stature have not had good experiences with this bra. Some women do complain that the support is not sufficient. It is important however to ensure that you get the band and cup sizes that fit you, as getting this wrong is sometimes the reason for some women’s expressed dissatisfaction.

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