Organic Sloggi Future Bras

Sloggi, a leading brand in the underwear industry is making significant strides in the sector.  The sloggi bras collection now includes the Sloggi future bra. The sloggi future collection comes in soft feminine colours of various sizes. However, what is most unique about the sloggi future collection is that it is a real ecological formation.

The driving objective behind the sloggi future collection is the preservation of the environment. It is produced from pure organic cotton and every effort is made to ensure that at each stage of the manufacturing process the impact on the environment is minimal. For instance, in the weeding and harvesting of the cotton no herbicides, synthetic fertilizers or insecticides or chemicals were utilized. It is also medically tested for toxins.

Sloggi future collection offers two main options in bras. These are the under wired and the non wired bras. The organic sloggi future N is a non wired bra. This type is made from 80% organic cotton and 20% elastane. The organic sloggi future N bra is soft, comfortable and modernly elegant. Wearers have the option of matching up this bra with companion briefs, which are similarly made from organic cotton and are available in three stylish cuts of tai, short or hipsters.

The organic sloggi future WHP bra is the underwired variety that has light padding. It is fashionably designed with eye-catching piping that runs down the side of the bra. The left side of the bra is emblazoned with the sloggi logo made out of the fabric. The extremely soft feeling of the bra adds to the comfort the wearer will experience. This trendy sloggi creation is a great addition to any woman’s underwear collection. Not only does the wearer get a great bra but the thought of doing so while being kind to nature ought to leave them contented.

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