Hair Updos For Long Hair

A woman’s crowning glory is her hair. Styling the hair can be a challenge for any woman, but those with longer hair sometimes experience more of a challenge. Updos are a smart choice for women with long hair. The most common updo for long hair is the bun. Buns can be sleekly styled, which are perfect for formal occasions like weddings, proms and high school reunions.

Persons tend to think that updos for long hair are only for formal occasions. But updos for long hair can be casual as well. The messy bun or untamed hair bun is a great example of this. The beauty about this type of hair updo for long hair is that it’s pretty easy to style and is great for persons who are on the go. Just gather up the hair, twist, tuck or roll, secure with hair pins and you are good to go.

Bad hair days can be a thing of the past with hair updos for long hair. Long hair which is flat, frizzy and dull can be very unattractive. However hair in this state easily and conveniently concealed with a hair updo. Hair updos for long hair are also practical options, particularly when the time is hot. Having the hair loose and resting on the nape is just not ideal in sweltering heat or when temperatures are high. Also updos for long hair are practical options when driving. The wind sometimes plays havoc with long hair which can be whipped across the face and into the eyes, possibly leading to accidents.

Some women tend to think that hair updos for long hair are boring. However, much can be done to spruce up any hair updo. Hair updos for long hair can be placed high on the head, low or sideswept. They can be dressed up with flowers to give a flirty or romantic look. Curls add softness and give a classic look to updos for long hair. In addition, updos for long hair can be vastly improved with all sorts of decorative hair accessories such as barettes, headbands, hair combs and hair sticks. These are usually adorned with jewels and rhinestones that add a touch of elegance to any hair updo.


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