Getting A Girl – Ten Clues That She Is Interested In You

Guys, girls may always be a mystery to us in certain ways but picking up on her non-verbal clues that she is interested in you is easy. Knowing the signs makes getting a date or more, a no brainer.

First you need to know that girls are wired for attraction just like guys. The difference is that guys tend to express attraction verbally like, “hey beautiful, can I buy you a drink?”

Girls show they are attracted to you in non verbal ways. This means that she is likely to exhibit certain behaviors or actions that show interest. Your job as the man is to pick up on these clues.

Lots of research over many years has proven this. So why do guys not look for them? A man who knows what to look for is more likely to be successful in dating girls. It is sort of like having a “play book” according to Ashok from

Two guys go into a bar; no this is not a joke! Guy #1 gets a drink and looks around but no one is coming up to him so he figures it is not his night and goes home, alone.

Guy #2 is savvy to non verbal clues so he is looking for those clues the minute he walks into the bar. He is looking to see which girls are noticing him walk in and when he is ordering his drink he is taking mental notes.

He does not just sit down and wait for the girls to flock to him; he is evaluating the girl’s behavior. Once he has identified certain signs, it is game on.

Top Ten Non Verbal Clues That A Girl Is Interested

1: Eye contact is always number one. If a girl is making eye contact she is interested.
2: Smiling at you. This if often combined with eye contact but it shows more interest.
3: Touching her hair. If a girl is touching her hair she is interested.
4: Posture. If she sits up straighter while looking at you she is showing interest.
5: Head tilt. When girls tilt their heads to one side that shows interest.
6: Touch. If a girl touches your arm while talking to you she is interested.
7: Legs crossed with one leg pointed toward you. Definitely interested!
8: Licking her lips. This is a sure sign she is interested.
9: She sends you a drink. This is an invitation, take her up on it.
10: She moves closer to you. She is letting you know she wants you to get closer too.

It is a good idea to practice looking for these signs from girls. If you are not confident about your ability to recognize them then plan to do some “homework”.

Either go out by yourself or with another buddy to a bar or club and observe the girls’ behavior. Remember, this is just practice so you can relax. Try to identify the top ten signs you have learned from watching the girl’s reactions to you or even to other men.

While we may never fully understand girls we can zero in on their non verbal ways of letting us know we have their attention. In many cases, girls themselves are unaware they are sending these signals.

All you have to do is pay attention to the signs and you can be fairly certain if she is interested in you or not. Provided you are interested in her, all you have to do now is follow through and go for it.

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