The Benefits of Inflatable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs or jacuzzis are luxury items which provide tremendous benefits such as hydrotherapy or just simply for relaxation after a hard day at work. In this entry we will learn about the benefits of a special type of hot tub, called the inflatable hot tub, while highlighting some of the advantages they have over the regular fixed ones.

Cheap Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are known to cost a pretty penny. But there is a way to circumvent the expense. For persons who wish to enjoy spa like benefits at a fraction of the cost, then purchasing an inflatable hot tub is the way to go. Indeed, if you are looking for cheap hot tubs, then the inflatable kinds are at the top of the list.

Soft Hot Tubs – Sturdy and Durable

Inflatable hot tubs, also known as soft hot tubs, are not made from durable wood or plastic as is the case with traditional hot tubs. They consist of an outer casing usually made from vinyl or strong leather like material, which is connected to a pump or motor. They are quite sturdy and are no different from regular hot tubs in terms of their utility. And with proper care and maintenance will actually last a long time.

Inflatable Hot Tub – Quick and Easy Installation

One of the cool things about a soft hot tub is that installation is quick and straightforward and requires no tools. In fact they can be used almost anywhere providing there is access to an electrical outlet. Simply plug in to your electrical outlet and touch button control should result in an inflated tub. If you are without electricity then rechargeable pumps or hand pumps are choices to consider . It should be noted that not all inflatable hot tubs have automatic pumps. There are varieties that are manually inflated. A garden hose will come in handy for filling up your hot tub and the desired temperature of the water can be regulated with the controls on the pump or motor. The water usually takes just a few minutes to heat up.

Your own Inflatable Spa and Jacuzzi

Standard inflatable hot tubs can comfortably accommodate four individuals and is perfect for that occasion when you want to soak up some fun with a few friends. Some of these hot tubs boast excellent features including built in seating and multi-directional heated water jets that generate the bubbling, massaging effects that many persons find tantalizing. This is like having an inflatable spa, or inflatable jacuzzi. Accessory options include cup holders or spa covers to keep out dust and debris.

Portable Hot Tubs – The Inflatable kind

Inflatable hot tubs are one kind of portable hot tubs. This is a significant advantage over traditional hot tubs. Since their location is not fixed or permanent, they can be set up anywhere at any time in your home. Persons who live in apartments will find this very appealing. But they are not just an indoor delight. They can be inflated outdoors in your yard and placed anywhere which is suitable. This can prove to be a very convenient advantage when it comes to privacy. For if for some reason the location in which it is installed is no longer as private as it used to be, one can always select another more private area to relocate the hot tub to. As these hot tubs are portable, they can be conveniently packed up and transported to other locations. This is ideal for when you go away for vacations or even camping trips as you can take along your soft hot tubs. When deflated they can fit in relatively small spaces, hence easy storage.

Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

Another important advantage of the soft hot tub is the fact that they are more energy efficient than the traditional types. The traditional hot tubs can actually use up to twice the energy of the inflatable ones.

A soft hot tub is a compelling alternative to the traditional kind considering all the benefits we have identified. Ensure you get all the facts on the features before making any purchases so that at the end of the day you are satisfied and can really enjoy the hot tub benefits.

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