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It’s never easy being alone during the holidays, especially Valentine’s Day. Being surrounded by couples showering each other with affection and gifts is never fun when you don’t have your own date. It was February 13th and I was already thinking of how lonely I would feel tomorrow. My family didn’t really follow all of the American traditions, but Valentines Day is one of those days that transcends all cultures. Everyone knows that it is that one day to be with the one person you love.

I had my share of failed relationships already and was really trying to find the right person. It was hard since I was looking for a girl with ties to my Indian culture who was ready for a long term serious relationship. I just wanted someone to share the same values and customs as I did since it would make it easier when we planned our future together. Trying to find a beautiful, intelligent Indian woman in the USA is so hard! They are so few and far apart. My mother would constantly remind me, “Ashok, your brother and you need to find nice Indian girl to marry and give me grandkids soon” as she would squeeze my face. All I could do was just shake my head and smile.

During one of many family gatherings in our home I met the most beautiful girl I had seen in a very long time. She had dazzling hazel eyes and full red lips; her long black hair framed her face perfectly. I had to stop myself from staring as I walked to the living room and said hello to everyone. Surprisingly, Damian, one of my brother’s old friends from college was there too. After talking to him for a few seconds, he turned his attention to the beautiful girl next to him and said, “Ashok, I’d like you to meet my wife, Anjali.” I nervously grabbed her hand and said a quick hello to which she shyly replied, “Nice to meet you, Ashok.”

The women went to kitchen to drink some tea and the guys hung out on the couches with beers. It was at that moment that my brother Jay asked Damian what we were all dying to know. “Where did you meet your wife man? She seems like one of those shy girls I remember from college.” Before he could answer, I quickly added, “Does she have sisters, cousins or what?” Damian loved all the attention he was getting and just smiled quietly.

When he saw that we weren’t going to let up he finally told us, “I met her here in the US. I found her on an online dating site.” We all laughed at first, thinking he was joking, but then Damian motioned for us to quiet down and whispered “I met her on a website for Desi singles a while back. After getting to know each another online, we dated for while then got married 2 months ago.”

All of our heads turned to the kitchen to look at Anjali. Damian explained how this website helped him find Desi singles in his area who were looking for long term relationships. The site also coached him with dating after he had met the one that he was interested. The website he told us about was and it works by using the matchmaking site, We were all doubtful at first, though I had to admit I was curious to learn more.

After the party ended and everyone had gone home, I went up to my room and got online. I did a Google search for dating Indian single women and quickly found After browsing the site I learned methods to find Indian women I was searching for. I was excited and shocked to see so many beautiful, young and intelligent women who were single in my area. This was going to make it so easy for me to find that person I had been looking for my whole life!

Two years later, I am the one who gets to go to parties and family gatherings with a beautiful, intelligent, funny and smart Indian woman in my arms. I met Mita by following the methods I learned on an Indian online dating site. Even though it was awkward at first, I was coached through our dates which was huge help since I was nervous about making a mistake in the beginning.

We have been married for six months now. As I sit in my living room looking at my lovely wife in the kitchen talking to my mom and I can’t believe how my life has changed by just making a few clicks online. My dreams came true simply by taking a chance. If you are a Desi single looking for that special person then learn how to find her at Don’t wait any longer; go find her today!

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