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Every now and then some guys are faced with the dilemma of dating. Most seem to worry about what to say and not to say, and just how to go about impressing her. But I want to suggest a better approach, and I’ll here give my dating advice for men. The question is, should you or should you not date?

Well I won’t give any categorical answers here. However, I have never had any good experiences with this sort of activity. This is a dangerous thing to get involved in. Relationships have ended as a result of this questionable practice.

I liken dating to walking through a mine field, where the explosives are inconspicuous, and you’re also blindfolded. Madness I say! You see, if you are like most men and can’t read minds, then you’re in for trouble. For the girls spend a great deal of their time thinking of what their ideal date should be, and if you don’t measure up to their silly expectations, then you stand to lose everything. You could be doing everything right, and when you decide to compliment her by telling her she is not so bad looking, she explodes for some reason. Probably at that point in her script, she had things a little different. And for some reason, she expects you to read her mind to know just what pleases her. You could even be looking out for her best interest by skipping dessert, and even when you explain that you don’t want her getting any fatter, she explodes.

So my advice is to try to avoid the dating game. If you want to go somewhere or do something, while having the girl along, then just try to do that without giving the impression that you’re going on some girly date. If you get caught in a position where you can’t avoid it, I wish you luck. You’ll certainly need it.

Now, having said all that, I will concede that it might be possible that in some cases, the dating thing could just be a good strategy. But, I can’t think of any such case right now.

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