Unique Web Traffic To Your Website -You can get it!

Everyone wants to get traffic to their website, if they have information or knowledge to share. In this post, what I want to focus on, is not just getting traffic, but getting targeted unique web traffic.

The importance of this should be clear. For while repeat visitors to your site is important, to expand your reach, what you really need is unique website traffic that is targeted.

I am going to look at a couple ways of achieving this goal. The first requires time, dedication and careful planning. The second requires some amount of money.

Perhaps the best way to get unique web site traffic is through the search engines. This not only gives unique visitor hits, but also targeted traffic. You want targeted traffic because this increases the likelihood that the visitors are interested in what you have, and will benefit from what you are offering.

So how does one go about getting search engine traffic? The solution is easy to say, but difficult to implement. Simply put, you need to get your page/site ranked on the first page of the search results and the closer it is to number 1, the better. And how does one get her page ranked this well in the search results? Well it is a combination of multiple factors, but there are two that are key and will take you a long way. These are, key words, and backlinks. Backlinks are links from other sites to yours.

I have elsewhere addressed the importance of backlinks or incoming links, and how to get such links, so I won’t reiterate here. On the matter of key words, you need to decide which words you want your page ranked high for when the search engine user enters them in his query. Now there is a strategy to this. You want to select key words where you can compete in. Chances are, if you targeted the key words, ‘make money’, you will not be able to get your page ranked near the top because there are already many sites targeting these same words, and which already have a solid base of backlinks which will make it very difficult for you to out do them.

It is best to choose key words that are not very competitive, yet are likely to be searched by more than a few people. Naturally you would not expect to get as much traffic from ranking high in this search phrase, as you would if you could rank high in the popular search phrase. However, do this enough times for different pages of your site for the less popular key word searches, and your trickle of traffic will eventually coalesce into a steady stream or even river of healthy unique and targeted web traffic.

The second way to get unique web site traffic, would be to pay for it. For example, there is google adwords. You pay google to have your ad shown when certain key words are found in the content of web pages. This is an effective way to generate the traffic you want. So if you have money for this activity, why not try it? Yahoo also has a similar adword model. So does kontera.

Aside from the adword models, there are a number of sites that make it their business to funnel targeted traffic to your site. You basically decide how many unique visitors you want and then you pay for the package that will meet that target. Do some research into this if you’re inclined to go this route.

So having looked at the two main ways of increasing unique web traffic to your site, you can see that the easier and quicker route to take for results, would be to pay for it. However, if you cannot afford to do that, you can invest the time and effort needed to increase your ranking in the search engine results. And of course, you can combine these two methods when it makes sense.

I intend to add future posts that will flesh out some of the points made here.


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2 Responses to “Unique Web Traffic To Your Website -You can get it!”

  1. Sol Says:

    I’m waiting for your follow up posts. I want unique web traffic too, but I’m not so clear on some things you mentioned. Like how do I tell how strong my competition is? Thanks for the post though. I feel motivated to get things off the ground.

  2. Crystite Says:

    Sol, thank you for your interest. Do stay tuned. Lots of good stuff will be coming related to building targeted web traffic and more, but some things can’t be rushed. Nevertheless, I hope to have some new stuff during the course of this week.

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