Getting Rid of Stretch Marks -Does TriLastin Work?

Someone I know has these unbecoming stretch marks, and was wondering if there is anything outside of surgery that could remove them. Apparently the suggested solutions like cocoa butter and snail slime do not work, or are not very effective, especially for long standing stretch marks.

I started doing some research on this and I came across a product called TriLastin System 2. Based on testimonials and before and after pictures (on the site selling it), it seems to be effective. But anyone selling a product usually finds a way to make it seem like something to buy. So my challenge is to find objective testimonials.

One problem is that there is an affiliate programme associated with TriLastin System 2, which offers a supposedly nice commission. This is not a problem to the seller. But for the buyer who wants to make sure she is reading real honest testimonials, it can be somewhat difficult to attain this confidence. Since the product is not cheap, and one has to use it for some months to see real effects, one naturally would want to really know that TriLastin System 2 is not a waste of time, that it is really worth it to get it now.

So to assist my friend, and others who are in a similar situation, I am requesting those of you who have used TriLastin System 2 to post here your experience with it. Does it really remove stretch marks?

Since this site is not attempting to sell TriLastin System 2, it can be an objective source for testimonials. Please do not put a link in your responses to your affiliate site for the product. These posts will be removed so as not to compromise the objectivity of the testimonials posted here.

So if TriLastin System 2 worked for you, post here and help others to share in the joy of stretch mark free skin. And do let us know how old your stretch marks were. If this product is a waste, help others to avoid making the mistake of getting it. Thanks!


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2 Responses to “Getting Rid of Stretch Marks -Does TriLastin Work?”

  1. Scrubbie Says:

    Actually, cocoa butter does work in fading stretch marks. The results will be apparent with consistent, long term use. Cocoa butter is therefore effective, just not as a quick fix treatment. I cannot attest to the effectiveness of snail slime, as I have never tried it and I’m wondering why anyone would even want to do so. Gross!

  2. KRW Says:

    I first tried TriLastin SR and it worked very well for me. Eventually, I ordered the System 2 and it sped up the results. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the kind of money to buy more. I’m pretty confident that I could erase my stretch marks almost completely if I were to continue using TriLastin SR for at least twelve months.
    When I first began using TriLastin, it took me about seven or eight days to see noticeable results. I had begun to apply the cream three times a day, but since I have stretch marks all over my body, I limited myself to two applications per day. It still worked very well for me. What I would really love to do is combine the TriLastin treatment with derma-roller use. Apparently, derma rollers increase absorption of creams and also promote healing and collagen growth. I have a lot of faith in TriLastin. I am frankly surprised to have read that some women have seen no improvement whatsoever. Well, I know that it has given me great results and that’s good enough for me. I would really recommend it and I don’t exactly have much faith in stretch mark removal creams. I’ve tried many of them.

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