Write Down Your To-Dos At Start Of Day

This seems like such an obvious thing to do. I’m sure most people acknowledge the wisdom of it at some level. Yet I’m also fairly certain that most do not practice it. Actually I don’t think it is necessary for all to do this. Essentially what it does, is aid in keeping focused and determined to get the job done. Some people have other methods, which might be fine. But if you’re like me, writing it down can really help.

Today when I went to work, I knew I had a number of various tasks that I should tackle if I’m to meet deadlines comfortably. After thinking about a few, I thought to myself I should write them down. I might forget. But I insisted on working from memory. Sure enough, I got distracted by a colleague who had an issue for me to deal with. Then there were other distractions like emotions that come when I think of certain people (there’s this woman at work with…darn! there I go off again) or events. At the end of the day, there were tasks that were left untouched, not due to other priorities, but simply neglected as they were not in mind.

If I had written down the things I wanted to get done from the start, I could have periodically looked back at the list and focused on getting each of them done. Not only that, but at the end of the day, I could have been better able to assess how efficient and productive I operated, and would be a step ahead of where I am now in my learning.


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