Double Pane Windows -An Introduction

The growing consciousness of the need for energy efficiency has driven home the importance of revolutionizing the home construction industry. One consequence has been the increasing replacement of single pane windows with double pane windows. Double pane windows consist of two glass panels, which face each other, and are set in a single frame. The two glass panels are separated from each other by a small gap of approximately half of an inch. Sometimes the gap between the glass panels is filled with a non-toxic gas such as argon, which enhances the insulating property of double pane windows. They are also called double glazed windows.

Double pane windows can be quite attractive home features. But their popularity in comparison to single pane windows far exceed any visual allure. They are highly regarded for their energy efficient properties. Energy efficiency is of primary concern considering data reveals that energy loss in the average American home accounts for approximately 25% of annual heating and cooling costs. Double pane windows can positively impact householders’ utility bills since they insulate the home from the outside elements. The glass panels of double pane windows usually have a special coating which reflects infrared light. This feature is effective across climates as in the warmer months of summer, light and heat is kept out, which leaves homes cooler. Meanwhile, homes are kept warmer in the cold winter periods as double paned windows keep heat inside homes. This insulating feature of double glazed windows benefits home owners also by protecting household items such as rugs and furniture from sun damage.

Double pane windows are also the preferred choice among homeowners who are keen on reducing noise from outside disturbances. Individuals therefore who live in close proximity to schools, areas with heavy traffic build up or other noisy environments will find double pane windows more advantageous than single pane windows. The snug set of the glass panels sealed into the frames are quite effective in preventing sound leakage. Double pane windows are also specially treated making them are harder to break, offering greater protection to home owners against possible game ball accidents.

There really are a few, if any, disadvantages in retrofitting homes with double pane windows. One only has to ensure the right purchase is made based on individual needs and desires. The only downside to replacing single pane windows with double paned ones is the cost. The cost can be somewhat off putting, but the long term saving gains will more than compensate for the initial expense.  If one is replacing windows, or constructing a new home, one should also consider triple pane windows. They are more expensive than double panes, but they are more energy efficient. However, depending on how cold or hot it gets where you are, double glazed windows may be the more practical option.


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