Reducing Electricity Costs – Making Use of Solar Power

Electricity usage is practically a necessity in this modern age. As such, you can be sure of a recurring electricity bill. It only makes sense therefore to reduce this expense as much as possible without having to necessarily deprive yourself of comforts you might have gotten used to. It may come as a surprise just how many ways there are to accomplish this. In this entry, we will consider the use of solar power.

Solar energy can be converted to electricity by means of photovoltaic cells. These cells produce electricity when sunlight makes contact with their surfaces. Deriving electricity through this means is desirable for two reasons. One, the source is sunlight, of which there is plenty to go around and is free. You could potentially eliminate your electricty bill, by going solar. The second reason one may find the solar option attractive, is that it is considered green. It does not cause any pollution, unlike fossil fuel usage.

The main deterrent to going solar though is the prohibitive costs. The panels can be quite expensive. (Don’t be fooled by earth4energy and other solar power scams). The cost has actually been significantly reduced if one compares the current cost with what it was about 20 years ago. Nevertheless, for most people, it would still be considered too expensive to go fully solar. You can expect to spend between $30,000 to $50,000 for equipment and installation, depending on your regular electricity usage. If you can reduce your regular electricity usage, then you can reduce this cost.

Another factor that restricts some from going the solar route is the lack of space. The solar panels need to be placed somewhere where sunlight is not impeded, usually on the roof, and there needs to be enough space. Not everyone has a roof that makes this a viable option.

As the cost of solar cells has gone down over the years while efficiency has improved, it is likely that technology will continue to advance to eventually make solar power feasible for all. But until then, is there anything to be done now, to take advantage of this means of reducing electricity costs?

Well it might not be practical for the average person to go completely solar now. But one can consider a partial solar solution. For example, one could look at using solar power for certain appliances, such as the air conditioner. But that’s not the only alternative. One can also try substituting electrical devices with solar powered versions of the same devices. For instance, solar patio lights or solar garden lights can be used instead of regular outdoor lights,  and solar water heaters instead of the regular electrical.


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