Triumph Doreen Bra -Known For Its Comfort, Support and Quality

Triumph is a leading brand name in the world of lingerie. It has been operating under this name since 1902, but its founders were already in the business for over a decade before. With such a long track record in business, one can have confidence in the quality of their products. It is no wonder that the Triumph Doreen bra is said to be the most popular bra in the world. It was introduced in 1966, so it is certainly no fly by night new comer to the scene.

Doreen refers to a specific range of soft cup bras. That is, these bras do not have the underwire. Normally an underwire is used to help provide support, but such bras often tend to reduce comfort because of the presence of the underwire which can have an unnatural feeling. Triumph Doreen bras however, provide excellent support while retaining all the comfort.They are actually made with 50 or more separate parts to ensure adequate support is achieved that even the large busted women will be satisfied. In fact it makes a good choice for such women who especially need the support. Band and cup sizes range from 34B to 46J, so for the most part, one should be able to find a suitable size. Also characteristic of the Doreen range of bras from Triumph, is the construction which comprises of three sectioned cups, and stretch frame which not only makes for excellent shape, but also for a superior fit. The straps are centred and broad, so give a secure fit and do not feel as if they are digging into the skin. At the back are 3 hooks, and the side comes with some flexible boning. The Triumph Doreen bra excels in comfort and support, and provides a classic styling that still finds satisfaction with women all over the world.

The Doreen bra is made of 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane. As such, it is machine washable at 60 degrees C. There are other Doreen bras that vary in their constituent materials. Other Doreen bras from Triumph include the Doreen+cotton, the Doreen Midi (or midline), the Triumph Doreen Long Line, the Doreen Luxury which uses satin fabric for the lower cups, the Doreen Special and the Doreen Fleur that has a smoother look than the regular.

Customers who have purchased the Triumph Doreen bra are generally satisfied. Many often remark how supportive they really are, and at the same time so comfortable. The quality overall is generally well attested to. A few have made complaints about some discomfort. This may be the reality for some, but sometimes the expressed discomfort is due to an improper fit. It is therefore important that you get the size best suited to your measurements. Some of the younger customer base have been put off by what they consider to be an old fashioned style. Nevertheless, there are still many within this age group who do not see it as old fashioned, but tasteful and classic. Other customers have complained that this bra does not come in enough variety of colours.

If you are in the process of looking for a quality, comfortable, supportive kind of bra, then the Triumph Doreen bra range should certainly be considered.

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