Can Parsley Induce Menstrual Period?

Parsley is a well known kitchen herb as it is frequently used as a garnish for many dishes. It is also widely used as flavouring in salads and soups. Many persons believe that these are the only uses of parsley. But this herb has so much more to offer and it was a desperate situation that made me aware of other benefits. I had a special celebration to attend for about one week and I was due to see my period during that week. I hate altering the course of nature but I began to explore ways in which I could delay my period. Unfortunately I was not too keen on most of the options as nearly all of them required some type of hormonal use.

My research on the subject made me aware of another alternative. Instead of delaying my period I could induce it to come early and get it out of the way before my celebration. One of the solutions for inducing the menses was a strong tea of parsley. Ginger is claimed to be helpful too. Persons have claimed to drink several cups of the tea per day for several days before their menses and were successful in getting it to come early. One person reported that her menses came within a day of drinking parsley tea.

I decided to give this parsley thing a shot. Five days before I was due to see my period I brewed some parsley tea and even added some ginger to it for good measure. I drank several cups per day for two days and got impatient when I had no success. This does not mean that the claims about parsley are not true. It was emphasized that the parsley leaves had to be fresh and the tea had to be strong solution. These two factors could have contributed to my failed attempt at inducing my period. For what it is worth while I was drinking my concoction of parsley and ginger I experienced feelings in my stomach that were similar to the ones I would have just prior to my period. In addition my period came at the appointed time, but it was not as heavy and it ended a little earlier than usual.

I am tempted to believe that there may be some truth to the effectiveness of parsley tea in inducing one’s period. Who knows, perhaps patience was my biggest obstacle.


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