Sloggi Romance Bras

The underwear industry is revolutionalising the way it designs and markets underwear. Women have always been concerned about the practical aspects of bras and the comfort they offer. However, womens’ tastes in underwear have expanded and have become more fashion oriented. The underwear industry had to accommodate the shifting desires and tastes of women and thus intimate apparel had to be more creatively and stylistically designed. The sloggi company offers among its collection the sloggi romance bra as an alternative for the woman who wants comfort and sexiness wrapped up in one package.

Sloggi romance bras are comfortable, soft, smooth bras with the upper parts of the cups fringed with decorative lace straight up to the shoulder bands. They are specially designed from fine cotton that give the bras a tinge of sheen. Sloggi romance bras are produced in a range of soft, seductive colours, which along with a subtle sheen and the lace effect enhances the feminine, sensual style of the bra. These characteristics underpin and brand this sloggi product as a true romance bra in its own right.

Breast support from sloggi romance bras comes in the form of a wide elasticised under cup band as well as adjustable shoulder straps. Sloggi bras are noted for their almost seamless designs and the sloggi romance bra is no different. One of the features of the sloggi romance bra that wins it great reviews is that unlike regular bras it has no fastening hooks. The sloggi romance bra is a pull on bra that many women simply find more convenient. A chic look, feminine allure, comfortable and easy fit of sloggi romance bras make them a popular option among today’s romantic woman of style.

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