Solar Power, Outdoor Solar Landscape Path Lights, Stainless Steel Pack of 12

This stainless steel pack of 12 solar lights are ideal for illuminating your garden and pathways. As they are solar powered, you can enjoy the lighting without incurring additional electricity expense. The light given off has been described by customers, as bluish. With this set of stainless steel solar garden lights, you can use them for lighting up (or at least accenting) a walkway,or using them creatively around trees or plants, that can really enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

Each solar light comes with a rechargeable Ni-Cad battery, which gets charged during the day as the sunlight interfaces with the solar panels. They each come with 1 LED soft bulb. The stakes are made of stainless steel, which make them resistant to corrosion. They are also water resistant, as your outdoor lights should be. The diameter of each path light is 4.5 inches, and the height is 14.5 inches.

Customers who have purchased this set of solar path lights are generally satisfied. It has been noted that while the stakes are made of stainless steel, the lens is made of plastic. This is not necessarily bad, but it means that care must be taken when installing these lights. You should first set the stakes in the ground, then attach the lens, otherwise you could easily break the lens. Also check to see if when you receive them, if they have been set to the “off” position. Sometimes customers complain that they don’t work, but the problem sometimes turns out to be that the switch is set to off. You will need to open the top to switch it on. Also ensure that your battery is firmly in place. A fully charged battery generally lasts several hours, and for many customers, lasts throughout the whole night.

As of the writing of this article, these stainless steel solar path lights can be obtained for around $50 (USD).

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