Sloggi Bras – For Comfort, Flexibility and Elegance

Sloggi bras have been around for some time now. Sloggi bras are a product of the sloggi company which was established in the late 1970s in Germany. They are a household name in Europe but has gained tremendous popularity abroad and can now be found in stores worldwide. Made of high quality specially woven cotton and lycra sloggi bras are well known for their softness, comfort and flexibility. Many women discover just how kind sloggi bras are to the skin, as when worn they leave the wearer with a natural feeling almost like a second skin. This is an important area in which sloggi bras differ from many other types of bras on the market, as the discomfort and the feeling of confinement when wearing bras is greatly minimized.

Sloggi bras come in different sizes, styles and colours so women can be assured that there will be a sloggi bra available that will satisfy their unique needs and preferences. The wide range of sloggi bras include the sloggi basic bra which utilizes the special blend of cotton and lycra spun together so that the bra is smooth and soft. Even with this distinguishing feature of softness and comfort sloggi bras do not compromise on shape and firm support. The sloggi basic bra is perfect for everyday wear.

Sloggi’s innovativeness and ability to create timely fashionable underwear resulted in the sloggi romance bra. The Sloggi romance bra is a smooth, soft cup bra trimmed with lace for that alluring, feminine look. Also ranking in the sexy category is the sloggi soft half cup padded bra. The half cup bra offers about three quarter breast coverage giving the appearance of more cleavage. The sloggi half cup padded bra comes with under wire support and is created with smooth, stretchy fabric.

There are underwire varieties available which offer more breast support. These types include the sloggi soft sensation bra and the sloggi invisible sense underwired bra. The sloggi soft sensation bra has smooth cups with delicate straps, while the sloggi invisible sense bra has thin straps that come with light padding or no padding.

T-shirts are made of light fabric, which are sometimes close fitting. They therefore require specially made bras to be worn underneath. Sloggi has catered to this need by producing the sloggi light t-shirt bra. The sloggi light t-shirt bra has smoothly lined cups and seamless under wiring. The sloggi sport bra is light, comfortable and designed with breathable fabric that efficiently absorbs moisture and allows for fast drying.

Sloggi bras are even designed with preservation of the environment in mind. The sloggi future organis bra is made from organic cotton which ensures that environmental impact from manufacturing the bra is reduced. These types of bras come with underwired cups but there are non wired options available. These are just some of the many types of sloggi bras from which women can make their desired choice.

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  1. Sheila Says:

    The sloggi line of bras really do carry a variety. It would be hard not to find something suitable. I personally like the romance bra.

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