Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights have been covered to some extent in other articles on this site (see for eg. solar patio lights and solar yard lights). The focus of this entry will be on the stainless steel variety of outdoor solar lights.

The benefits of solar yard lights are clear. They provide lighting at nights using energy from the sun captured and stored in batteries during the day, and therefore do not incur any additional electricity costs. In fact, they will help reduce your electricity bill if you substitute the non-solar garden lights with the solar types. With this benefit, one can equip one’s garden with not only lighting for security purposes, but what can be considered non-essential lighting, such as lighting for simply aesthetic purposes, without having to worry about a resulting recurring electricity cost. Another benefit is the easy installation, and lack of wiring generally needed. There are some types of solar garden lights though, which allow the solar panels to be placed away from the light source, and this would require some amount of wiring. So considering the benefits of solar yard lights, it is understandable why one would want to invest in them. Having made this decision, one now needs to decide on the quality to go for.

Stainless steel solar garden lights are a worthwhile investment. As outdoor lights, they are exposed to the elements, and therefore the stainless steel (usually used for the stake and/or shade) is fitting, being resistant to harsh temperatures and rusting. They stand to last for several seasons, while still maintaining a pristine look. So even though stainless steel solar garden lights tend to be more expensive, they will probably serve you better in the long run.

There are a variety of solar garden lights that come in stainless steel. So whether you want to have bright spotlights for security purposes, or just enough light to illuminate your pathways or driveways, or just to enhance the decor of the yard, you can find suitable stainless steel solar lights.

To illustrate the variety of outdoor stainless steel solar lights, a few will be highlighted here. If you’re looking for something bright, maybe as a security measure, then there is Earthtech’s set of 8 stainless steel solar lights, or Homebrite’s stainless steel garden landscape solar lights. Each comes with 3 high output white LEDs,providing lighting 360 degrees and up to 300 feet away. If you want something for lighting up your path, then there is the Westinghouse 10 piece stainless steel solar light set, for example. They have an attractive copper finish, and will provide nice pathway light. If you want something colorful for maybe festive occasions, there is the Sohodecor 2 Pack Single Colors Iridescent Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights. They emanate light that changes color from red, blue, yellow and others.

Basically, stainless steel solar lighting products are extensive and you therefore should be able to find something suitable for your outdoor lighting purposes.


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