Solar Deck Lights – Moonrays 95021 Solar Powered Plastic Post Side Lamp Light, Bronze

This bronze plastic post side lamp is ideal for lighting up your deck. It is a Coleman Cable brand.

Since it is solar powered, you have the benefit of lighting without the increase in your electricity bill. (See Solar Patio Lights and Solar Yard Lights for more general information on outdoor solar lighting products).

This product comes with an AA rechargeable NiCd battery. It uses 2 white LED lights that produces a downlighting effect (ie. the lighting is concentrated downward). The item is durable, constructed with plastic, including the lens, but has a bronze finish and metal leaf decor. It is easy to install, as it does not require any wiring. It also comes with mounting screws.

Customers who have purchased this product are generally pleased. It sometimes comes as a surprise how small it is. The actual dimensions are 2 x 5 x 6.8 inches. Lighting provided is generally satisfactory both in terms of luminosity and endurance. Depending on the size of area you need to light up, you may need to purchase more than one. This product currently (see date of article below) sells at a little less than $10 (USD). It comes with a little tab to pull out, which will allow the batteries to charge. However, a small percentage of customers have reported that the tab was not visible. If this happens, it is not a big deal really, as you can simply open the battery pack and take it out. Make sure you allow the batteries to charge properly, otherwise you might observe a flickering of the light.

I saw a claim that said Home Depot carries a similar product for $1 more, that is supposed to be better as it has an additional battery, gives brighter lighting, and lasts longer. I was not able to identify which product this could be. If anyone has any idea what this could be in reference to, please post a comment with some details for the benefit of all.


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