The Healing Wonders of Herbs – Polygonum Multiflorum

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Polygonum muliflorum is a herb native to China and is commonly known as Fo ti root. It also goes by the name He Shou Wu. Rich in zinc and other trace elements, it has an unpleasant taste that many would describe as pungent. The herb is considered phenomenal, particularly in the orient, where it is revered for its positive impact on longevity of life. Fo ti root is said to possess anti-aging properties and is a regenerator of the nerves, brain cells and the endocrine glands. It detoxifies the body and strengthens the liver and kidneys. It lowers cholesterol and is useful in ailments such as constipation, eczema, scrofula, carbuncles and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

Fo ti root is a blood enhancer. Consumption of the herb is also said to boost sexual vitality in both men and women. Men reportedly will experience more staying power and can expect increased sperm production. Due to its blood building capability it is said to increase the fertility of women.

One of the more popular uses of He Shou Wu root however is in hair troubles. It is said to aid persons who have difficulties with hair loss. In fact it is so effective that it increases hair growth all over the body. Hence one must be careful in using it for this purpose as hair spurts may occur in undesirable locations. Nonetheless, it is better acknowledged for being able to reverse gray hair, especially the premature grays. The studies done in this area have yielded results where a significant number of the consumers of fo ti root were reported to have witnessed complete reversal of their gray hairs. Others in the study saw partial reversal of their graying hair. Fo ti has to be used for an extended period for this kind of change to take place and it also has to coincide with other lifestyle modifications.


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