Solar Yard Lights – Exploring Your Options

Solar yard lights provide a variety of options for lighting up your landscape, whether for security purposes, or just plain aesthetics. As they operate using energy derived from sunlight, they do not contribute to your electricity bill. They are easy to install, and generally do not require wiring. Solar energy is considered green so this is another benefit to using outdoor solar lights. There are suitable solar lights available for each part of your yard (front or back), whether it be the garden, lawn or paths and driveways. We will explore some of the options available for lighting up your yard.

There are general solar outdoor lights that can be used throughout your garden. For example, you can get solar lamp posts and solar wall lights which come in various styles. The wall lights would of course require a wall to be mounted. The lamp posts however, can be placed just about anywhere, and with the exquisite styles available, can really add a touch of class to your yard.  Stainless steel solar garden lights are available on the market, and really do look quite elegant.

If security is your concern, then you can check out the solar spotlights and solar security floodlights. These tend to have high luminosity and wider range of lighting than other types of solar lighting. Some also have motion detectors that will cause the light to switch on when movement is detected at night.

Solar statuary lights are ideal for the garden. Many different statue forms are available, allowing you to select what is most appropriate for your garden. If you have a pond or pool you could treat it with floating solar pond/pool lights, which can really add beauty to the night view of your yard. Solar garden lights often come in different lighting colors, so you can really make your garden colorful according to your preferences.

Solar path lights are good for lighting up your pathways, driveways, and outdoor steps. They can also be used for lighting up your lawn. Solar stepping stones can be used as path lights by lining them up and forming a glowing walkway.

If you like the idea of decorating your trees, you have the option of solar string lights. These come in an assortment of colors, and are ideal for festive holiday occasions. They are also fitting for the patio (see solar patio lights for more on this).

With so many types of solar yard lights on the market, you have enough options to satisfy your practical and aesthetic lighting requirements. Remember that you’re not increasing your electricity bill by having all these lights around your yard, so solar backyard lights must be a serious consideration for anyone thinking of lighting up their yard.


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