The Soft Cup Bra – An Introduction

The breasts are very important organs of the female anatomy. They contain very delicate tissue that needs to be protected and supported. Brassieres, generally referred to by the abridged name bras, are the garments that perform this job of supporting the breasts. Although they are undergarments, bras have not escaped the fashion maelstrom. There are many styles and designs on the market that cater to the practical needs of women as well as their individual styles. Indeed bras are quite fashionable nowadays with some being lacy and downright sexy. However the most common type known as the soft cup bra will be the focus of this article.

Soft cup bras offer firm support to the breasts but with delicate comfort. Many bras these days are now designed with padding. Padding is a feature in the cups to give the breasts a fuller or more rotund appearance in addition to enhancing cleavage. But padding can sometimes be uncomfortable and also prevents the cup from molding to the contours of the breasts. The soft cup bra generally does not feature padded cups. It utilizes smooth textured materials and sometimes may have a thin lining that gently cushions the breasts. Soft cup bras also do not have any underwires. Underwires can be extremely discomforting because they have the tendency to jab or poke into the skin surrounding the breasts.

There are different types of soft cup bras out there. Some types include sport bras, minimizers and nursing bras. The soft cup sports bra, as the name suggests, is intended for those women who are physically active. They are designed to restrict movement of the breasts while women carry out strenuous activity such as sporting activities or exercise. Made from absorbent and stretchable material, generally cotton and lycra, soft cup sports bras soak up excess sweat from around the breasts, chest and upper back areas. This type of bra is very popular among adolescents or females who are still in the very early stages of breast development and who would have difficulty finding a bra that fits from among the regular bra sizes.The more sexy kinds of soft cup bras come in lace or satin.

The minimizers reduce the appearance of the breast size. They are especially geared toward women who are generously endowed in the bosom. Some can give the illusion of a bust line that is smaller by nearly 2 inches. Nursing bras are another type of the soft cup bra variety. Each cup of the nursing bras features a two piece design. The outer piece gently folds over onto the other piece. This makes it easy to open up at the cup to feed babies without risking too much exposure of the breasts. This is particularly convenient when nursing mothers are out in public.One popular type of this bra, is the Goddess soft cup nursing bra.

This article highlights just a few of the many types of soft cup bras that are designed for different occasions. It is recommended that you shop around for bargain prices and for popular brands of bras such as Playtex, Olga and of course there is the wacoal soft cup bra. For big busted women, Lunaire bras come in a wide assortment to choose from. Chantelle bras are of reputable quality, and known for their comfort and sensuality. Sloggi bras are also a long standing line that is known for its elegance.


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