Neem Soap with Neem Oil – A Wonderful Ayurvedic Product

Neem soap is a wonderful ayurvedic product that is beneficial in skin related complaints. Most neem soaps have pure neem oil as their base. In some cases the neem oil as well neem leaves are used in its production. This is a winning combination in neem soap making as it means the soap retains all the essential properties of neem. Pure neem oil and neem leaves have antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the antimicrobial qualities of neem that underscores neem soap’s excellence as a remedy for skin complaints.

Neem soap is commonly used as a treatment to clear up acne and acne scars. Some acne treatments are pretty harsh and drying to the skin. But Neem soap for acne gently cleanses the skin without stripping away natural oils. Added ingredients combine with neem to also soothe, moisturize, tone and leave the skin aglow.  (See also Neem -A Cheap Natural Acne Treatment).

 The soap works deep within the pores of the skin to remove fungi, parasites and germs. The medicinal value of neem soaps is useful in other skin problems such as rashes, eczema, cuts, abrasions, boil and psoriases. It is also helpful in treating lice and dandruff. In this regard it is regarded as safe for use on humans and pets.

Neem soap is a great alternative to the direct use of pure neem oil. Apart from the fact that neem soaps contain the same useful properties of pure neem oil, the smell factor is largely more tolerable than in the case of the latter. Pure neem oil has a rather unpleasant odor. Although this forms the base for neem soaps the smell is not an issue in the soaps because other ingredients such as essential oils or fragrant oils are usually added to mask the strong neem scent and enhance the overall effective quality of the soap. Even if the neem odor is detected, which is usually subtle in neem soaps anyway, it generally does not linger after the soap is washed or rinsed from the skin.

In order to ensure that one gets maximum benefits from neem soaps it is important to purchase the right kind. The quality of neem soaps vary depending on the manufacturing process which most times dictate the neem oil content. Neem soaps containing about 20% neem oil are sufficiently strong for treating skin ailments. Sometimes the neem oil content can be as high as 30% – 40%, but cannot go much higher as the soap will have too oily a base. There are quite a few neem soaps on the market, but the handcrafted neem soaps generally guarantee that you will receive a more natural and superior variety of the product. For information purposes several neem soaps that appear to be of good quality are margo neem soap, limda neem soap, and dabur neem soap. So for great looking skin go right ahead and avail yourselves of neem soaps and shop around for the bargains.


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