The Legal Issues Of Raising Chickens At Home

Have you ever considered the thought of keeping chickens as pets at home? Normally, folks would go with the traditional dog, cat, gold fish or hamster as household pets. Oftentimes when one thinks of raising chickens, one will imagine a farm in the outskirts of somewhere like Arkansas. It is quite unusual for people to keep chickens as pets in the urban area.

Nevertheless, you may be surprised to learn how many home owners are actually keeping chickens at home. In fact, bantams make excellent pets. Chickens are actually very colorful and they make very good moving ornaments for your backyard.

Now if you are planning to raise poultry at home, the first step is to check your town local ordinances. Are you even allowed to keep chickens at your home? Some homeowners may be breaking the law unknowingly by keeping live chickens in their yards. Their birds may be confiscated and they may end up with a heavy fine.

Before your start building a chicken coop for the birds, check whether there are any laws preventing you from legally raising the bantams.

Most properties are classified into zoning areas. Each type of zoning has its individual laws stating what can and cannot be done to the said property in the zone.

Why do such zoning laws exist? It is to control the growth of a community and to make sure the usage of the land is structured and uniform.

The classification of zoning falls under the jurisdiction of the local government. Therefore, each local governmental unit will assign laws governing the property use within each area. The laws are different from community to community.

The laws and ordinances will dictate what type of animals can be kept within or around a structure. To make sure you are not breaking any laws in regards to raising chickens at home, make a trip down to your local county office and have a chat with the officer there.

Are you looking for plans to make your own chicken coop at home? If you are, check out Mary Nelson chicken DIY guides. Her manual will show you step by step how to build a functional chicken housing for your bantams.


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