Garden Hose Holders

Garden hose holders really should be as common as garden hoses, which are standard implements in many homes. Garden hoses are necessary tools to water our plants and lawns in order to keep them looking lush and beautiful. They are also convenient for chores such as washing cars and for cleaning those hard to reach areas that need a steady gush of water. However, while most persons will purchase a garden hose, not everyone automatically thinks to purchase a garden hose holder as well. But it makes sense to also get a hose holder.

The garden hose holder, as the name intimates, is a storage device for garden hoses when they are not in use. There are quite a few advantages to owning a garden hose holder. Firstly, it makes sense from a financial standpoint. Your hose is more likely to become tangled and knotted without a hose holder. Tangles and knots render garden hoses less effective in carrying out a watering job. They also put a lot of stress on the hose material, thus decreasing its life span.

Garden hose holders provide easy storage for your hose. By keeping your hose neatly coiled, they take away the work and frustration one would generally have in uncoiling their garden hoses for future use. In addition, when a garden hose is safely stored on a garden hose holder it eliminates the danger of someone accidentally tripping on the hose.

Finally, garden hose holders have proven aesthetic appeal. A hose left in an uncoiled heap can be very unsightly. But aside from this garden hose holders come in various ornamentations and finishes. This device mounted on your wall can be quite decorative and greatly enhance the appearance of your garden.

The following are just a few of the different types of hose holders available:

Scroll Hose Holder

Chadwick Round Hose Holder

Perrault Round Hose Holder

Filigree Hose Holder

Hose Pots

Nellie’s Hose Holder

Do not hesitate to purchase a garden hose holder now that you are familiar with the tremendous benefits associated with owning one. With the many different types available, you should be able to find something within your price range. Search online or offline for great deals and acquire the garden hose holder of your choice.

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