Natural Acne Treatments – Apple Cider Vinegar

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In the latter part of 2008 I began scouring the net for cheap home remedies for acne. I read some information on the use of apple cider vinegar, which was to be diluted and applied to the face for a few minutes and then rinsed off.

I tried this one night, but ignored the part about diluting the solution. I also kept it on my face overnight and rinsed it off the next morning. I was pleased with the results. It appeared to have the effect of reducing the size of the pimples. I did this for a few days and I noticed that the pimples disappeared then. This became a nightly ritual for me and the results were generally pleasing.

There were drawbacks though. I found the apple cider vinegar very drying to my face so if one is going to use it then it must be followed up with a good moisturizer. Also, overtime it appeared to be a bit too harsh for my face, but this may have been because I was applying it undiluted. So there were a couple nights when I would forgo the treatment. Whenever I did this, the pimples would instantaneously reappear, albeit fewer in number.

This became my treatment of choice until around April 2009 when I discovered another remedy.


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