Natural Acne Treatments Introduction -Seeking Solution To My Acne Problem

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Acne is a skin infection characterized by pimples and blackheads. The area of the skin most vulnerable to acne appears to be the face. Acne also sometimes appears on the upper back and chest regions. This skin disease is not life threatening, but it can seriously damaging to a person’s confidence and self-esteem as acne pimples and scars, particularly facial acne, can be very unsightly and unattractive. For this reason many individuals spend a lot of money on products that claim to be acne solutions. And I am not here to put down the effectiveness of any product. All I will say is that there are cheaper, more natural remedies out there that are sometimes more effective than the chemical based solutions.

I should know because I have spent money in the past trying to cure my acne or at the very least get it to a tolerable stage. This was so important to me at the time because I took a fancy to this guy who told me that he was very superficial and that looks were very important to him. While I will not elaborate much on how that eventually turned out, I will only say that his statement alone was the start of major issues that had a devastating effect on my life. But I digress. In 2006 I visited a dermatologist and needless to say the expense was a bit too much plus I had to be applying too many topical creams and taking capsules, which I really hated. Not long after I gave up on that and pretty much decided for the next two years to ride out the acne train and deal with the flare ups when they occurred.


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