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I was doing some research on hair products and bought this hair oil that did wonders for my hair. I took note of the ingredients and did a bit of research on each one. The ingredient that really got my attention though was neem oil because I never knew about it before then.

Based on my research I gathered that it was the ingredient largely responsible for my satisfactory hair results. But I also learnt that neem was also useful for acne and skin infections. And so when I was online looking for hair products I came across neem powder packaged in a box. The actual name of the product is Hesh Naturoriche Neem Tone Powder. The write up introduced it as an ayurvedic blend that cures skin allergies, removes acne, acne spots and cures prickly heat. It was also said to add a glow to the skin. Neem soap is also available, but my experience is with the powder.

I had good results using the oil in my hair so I was eager to try the powder on my skin to see if I would get excellent results as well. I bought the powder. The results were exceptional. It worked just as well, better actually than the apple cider vinegar, as it was not as drying (a moisturizer is still needed).

In a few days the acne pimples began to disappear and it really did clear up the old acne scars too. They also were not joking about the glow to the skin, which was also evident. All one has to do is to take a small amount of the powder and add plain or rose water (I used plain water) to make a paste which should then be applied over the entire face and left on for about 20 minutes or until dry.

The face should then be rinsed off carefully with warm water and then cold water. Dry and apply your moisturizer of choice. I did this daily. It is now October 2009 and this remedy has been working well for me. I however now apply the paste every other day.

This remedy is also relatively inexpensive. I purchased a 100g box online for $3.49. This does not include shipping and handling. Indian groceries may stock this product and I believe one could get it for less than the online price. And of course there would be no shipping or handling fees to contend with. The 100g box lasted for about four months with regular use. I highly recommend this to any individual searching for a cheap, natural effective solution to their acne problem. Try it; you will not likely be disappointed


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