Gray Hair Shampoo (aka Grey Hair Shampoo)

As someone who has been getting way too many gray hairs way too early, I started doing some research on how to slow this down, or even reverse it altogether. As I was looking around, I started to read stuff about shampoo for gray hair.  Here I just want to share a little of what I’ve learnt about this stuff.

My first thoughts when I started reading up on shampoo for grey hair, was, is it that the shampoo helps reverse or slow down the graying? Or is it that the shampoo makes the gray hairs look and feel better (ie. basically taking care of the hair)? Or is it that the shampoo colours the hair so that the greys become less noticeable? What exactly does gray hair shampoo refer to?

As it turns out, they have shampoos that cater to all three questions that came to mind. However, for the first question, I don’t think they actually claim reversal of the greying. Some grey hair shampoo products do claim a delay in the graying process though. If you are interested in reversing gray hair to its natural colour, you might be interested in this article on how to reverse gray hair.

It is said that omega 3 can penetrate the hair follicles, and does help to preserve the natural hair colour. So if you still have non-gray hair, you could try looking for shampoo with omega 3.

One shampoo that I learnt about which is supposed to help preserve your natural hair color is Emu shampoo. Please note that I am not trying to sell anything here, and I do not really know how effective this shampoo is. But if you’ve tried it, or you decide you will try it, please report back here and tell how it worked for you. Share your experiences so that others can benefit too.


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