Security For Sliding Glass Doors

I guess my mind has been on sliding glass doors recently. This time I want to say something about securing sliding glass doors. From researching sliding glass doors, I have come to realise that there is a lot of attention given to the matter of securing them. Apparently thieves see them as a point of vulnerability, and so will target them.

Truly there are additional security concerns one should have because of having sliding glass doors as opposed to regular doors. Just the way the doors open and lock, make them different from regular doors, and they have been proven to be easier to penetrate than normal doors. For example, it is known that the doors can be lifted out of the frame if not secured properly, with perhaps double point locks.

However, if adequate security measures are taken, they can be just as secure if not moreso than your regular doors. So one must know what security measures can and should be taken.  Therefore one should do a little research to bridge this knowledge gap. There are actually a number of precautions you can implement yourself. I recommend the article Sliding Glass Door Security Techniques as a starting point.


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