How To Clean Your Patio Awning Without Taking It Down

Ever had an awning for your patio or elsewhere that needed cleaning, but was just too much trouble to take down?  Maybe you haven’t, but I certainly had this problem.

Some time back, I had an awning installed for the patio. Not very long after it rained heavily and dirty water from the roof collected in the awning because it was raised a bit to allow for a better view out. Basically because of the way it was raised, the water couldn’t run off freely, so it just collected and stayed there. I didn’t realise this was the case until a few days later.

When the patio awning was adjusted so that the water was allowed to run off, there remained sludge on it, and it looked quite awful. Of course, I was determined to clean it. I couldn’t have such an ugly sight staying there for anyone to see. So I tried taking down the awning so I could get it washed. However, it proved too difficult a task to get it down.

Fortunately, I have a knack for finding solutions to problems. So I came up with a plan of action to clean the unseemly sight. I decided I would need a course broom, a bucket with soap and water, and a chair or stool to stand on.  I stood on the chair, infront of the awning, dipped the course broom into the soapy water, and applied it to the dirty parts of the awning, giving it a good scrubbing. It worked like a charm. The dirt came right out.

I should probably mention that I thought of using a toothbrush to do the cleaning. I did try it, but it seemed like a daunting task to clean the whole awning with it. I also didn’t know how I would reach the upper parts with the toothbrush.  Anyway, the broom took care of this, as the long handle gave a better reach. 

What I did learn from using the toothbrush though, was that the soapy solution I made was sufficient to clean the patio awning. For when I applied it to the frills, the dirt came out nicely. So if you want to check if the cleaning agent will be effective, you can try applying some to a toothbrush and then brush the dirty part of the awning.  In case you’re wondering, I used some bleach and water.

I should probably mention that this method of cleaning with the broom was quite tiring and tedious. But it beats the toothbrush idea hands down!


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  1. webmaster@patio awnings Says:

    I’d recommend an awning fabric replcement – once scrubbed with a toothbrsh they rarely keep clean.

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