Google Key Words for building unique web traffic

In this post I will address some more the matter of google key words for getting web traffic. In the prior post on getting unique web traffic, I mentioned that I wanted to flesh out certain points. That is what I’m trying to do here.

I advised taking a strategy where you focus on getting ranked in the search engines with key words that are not too competitive. Competitive does not only mean that the key words are very popular. It also has to do with how hard it would be to have your site outrank the other sites that also rank in the search results for these specific words.

In this post I will introduce you to the google key words tool which will assist you in choosing key words. In another post, I will explain how to tell how difficult it would be to obtain a better page rank than the number one result of this search query, or than any of the other sites in the search results.

The google key words tool is really meant for advertisers, to aid them in selecting the key words they want to target for displaying their ads. Nevertheless, this free tool can be very useful even if you’re not an advertiser.

All you do is enter a key word, or phrase into the google tool, and hit the button. You will then get a list of various key words related to what you entered, with some statistics associated with it. By default, there are two columns displayed which show statistics related to the traffic volume per month for these set of google key words. I would suggest you filter the Match Type to Exact to get a more accurate indicator of the kind of traffic you can expect from these key words. You can also see other statistics by selecting the available options in the Choose columns to display selection box.

Now if you see a very high traffic volume, then it is very likely that these key words are very competitive to rank for. So you will want to set your sights somewhat lower initially. Remember, the idea is to tap into some of the traffic available by managing to get your site ranked well for key words that do have some traffic. Once you can do this, then you can repeat it for other google key words, and steadily build your web traffic, not just traffic, but unique web traffic.

Ok, so now you have a tool to help you decide on key words you can target. What you now need to be effective, is the knowledge for how to check if you have a chance of ranking well with these google key words. That is what I will explain in another post to come soon. So stay tuned…


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