The Healing Wonders of Herbs -a look at chickweed

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The first herb I want to highlight is called chickweed. Chickweed is a blood purifier, restorative and energizer. It is a superb remedy for colds, bronchitis, pleurisy and weakness of the bowels.


Tea made from the herb is soothing and is excellent for almost any type of internal inflammation. In fact it is touted to be a remedy for some cancer complaints. The tea or a poultice of the herb is also used externally to clear up skin eruptions and diseases.


I can recall an incident some years ago that triggered my view of chickweed as a miracle herb. I had noticed that a small area of skin below my right knee had the appearance of some fungal infection. My mother had prepared some chickweed tea earlier that day and I remembered her always saying that chickweed was great for skin problems. So I went and drained a bit of the chickweed from the tea she had prepared and placed it on the infected spot. I covered it with a band aid. Several hours later I removed the band aid and the chickweed. Lo and behold, the appearance of the skin was normal. No hint at all of any fungal infection. Miraculous results!


This herb may be a bit of an annoyance to some, as it is a diuretic, and a mild laxative, meaning consumption of this herb will see you making more frequent trips to the bathroom. But take comfort in knowing that it is a process that is ridding your body of toxins. Chickweed is a must have for every home 


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