Building Web Traffic -the importance of incoming links

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There are basically a few ways that people will come to your site.

1. Entering your website address directly into their browsers

2. Finding your website in a search engine

3. Clicking to your site through some link found on another site

The first of these requires that one knows your web address, or that you have a domain name (like such that one might just try entering the term they want info on. This can be a difficult way of getting traffic if you’re not fortunate enough to have one of those nice domain names.

So really the main ways of generating traffic would be through #2 and #3. Now it is possible to get indexed by a search engine so that others could possibly find your site, without having any other sites linking to yours. However, it generally takes longer to get indexed without some link reference from another indexed source, and it is also not likely that you would get a good page ranking from the search engine’s results without some links to your site.

It is therefore most important that your site gets incoming links (also called backlinks) from other sites if you want to grow your web traffic. The more links you have directing people to your site, the higher the chance that people will visit your page. But not only that, it also stands to increase your ranking in the results of search engines. Naturally you want a good ranking, because people don’t tend to look beyond the first page in the search engine’s results.

What is also important, is the quality of backlinks. Not all pages are equal. Some pages have a better standing with the search engines, and so getting a link from one of these pages to your site, will carry greater weight than if you got a link from a page that is also struggling to get attention.

It should be abundantly clear by now the importance of getting incoming links (backlinks) to your site in order to build your web traffic. In the next part of this series we will look at ways of getting such incoming links.


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