Give Back To The Community

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Give back to the community

Now that your mind is set on the millionaire path and you have a plan in place, allocate some portion of your funds for a charitable cause. Demonstrate confidence in your fortune to come, by giving to the less fortunate even before you have acquired your millions. You can be instrumental in helping others to get on the path to success. What goes around comes around. There are many reasons to be charitable, some of which will eventually be explored on this site. Your contributions are even tax deductible in many cases. But don’t analyse this too much. Just be thankful for what you have, and show your appreciation by returning a token of your blessings to help lift your fellow human beings to a higher quality of life.

Action Plan

+ Determine a worthy charity to contribute to.
+ Automate your payments
+ Keep necessary documentation to take advantage of the tax breaks.


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