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At Learning Stuff, a wide variety of topics and issues are covered. Items range from matters of personal development, wealth, health, relationships, home improvement, economics and current affairs, clothing, and basically just about anything that can be used to improve one’s quality of life. You are encouraged to make contributions. Some of the popular stuff addressed on this site are highlighted below. However, a lot more is available, and in future, even more will be covered.

  • Many people start going gray from early ages, like 20s and early 30s. This can be considered premature graying. It is no wonder that many such folks wonder whether it is possible to reverse gray hair.
  • Women have a natural interest in bras. This is because women have breasts. Those who might be considered full busted, would probably be interested in lunaire bras, as they are made specially for such well endowed women. Other related bra searches that are of interest include:
    Chantelle bras
    Sloggi bras
    Triumph Doreen Bra
  • A jacuzzi is a luxury item. As such, it is too expensive for most people. However, inflatable hot tubs might provide an alternative for those so inclined. It also has the advantage of being easily transferable from one location in the yard to another, or even indoors, if you have the space.
  • When it comes to the home, there are a number of things that are handy and useful to have around. Garden hose holders are quite convenient if you use a hose to water your garden. They can also be ornamental to enhance the decor of the yard. Egg rings are handy kitchen gadgets, if you happen to cook eggs.
  • Speaking of home improvement, how energy efficient are your windows? Interest in triple pane windows is increasing.
  • Health obviously is always a big issue, and as such can be expected to have a number related searches. The healing wonders of herbs series of articles may be worth a read.

As should be evident by now, Learning Stuff provides a potpourri of information. Explore the wealth at your lesuire, and don’t hold back from sharing your own expertise. Go ahead and make use of the submit posts menu.

The A B Cs of Dieting

There are endless dietary supplements and diet programmes (weight loss) on the market these days. In this sea of choices it is very difficult for an individual to choose and find one which works effectively to shed those extra pounds.

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Interesting Speaking Habits of The English

I love the English, and I love how they speak.  So, this is just a playful little chat about some of their speaking habits.

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Drill Bits – An Overview

Drill bits are cutting tools utilized in drill machines to make cylindrical holes. Oftentimes the bit itself is referred to as the drill. Drills are very handy for tasks around the home such as installing fixtures or putting up shelves, which would necessitate the drilling of holes.  Drill bits can be used in drilling holes on a number of materials including metal, wood, plastics etc.

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Sloggi Sensation W Bra

One of the more popular known bra companies in Europe is Sloggi. Having been established in the 1970s, they have forged a very good track record in the quality of their products. Sloggi bras are sometimes said to fit like a second skin. They are that comfortable. The combination of fabric used is a main part of what gives this effect. The sloggi sensation bra, which will be the focus here, is just one in the collection of sloggi bras.

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Double Pane Windows -An Introduction

The growing consciousness of the need for energy efficiency has driven home the importance of revolutionizing the home construction industry. One consequence has been the increasing replacement of single pane windows with double pane windows. Double pane windows consist of two glass panels, which face each other, and are set in a single frame. The two glass panels are separated from each other by a small gap of approximately half of an inch. Sometimes the gap between the glass panels is filled with a non-toxic gas such as argon, which enhances the insulating property of double pane windows. They are also called double glazed windows.

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Lunaire Sevilla Embroidered Demi Bra (14011)

This demi cup bra is another in the collection of Lunaire bras. Lunaire caters especially to the full-busted woman. If  you are such a woman, then you know that finding a bra that provides adequate support, comfort and shaping can sometimes be difficult. That is not even factoring appearance. Fortunately there are companies like Lunaire that recognize the special needs of such women. If you are looking for a bra with less coverage than a full cup then this Lunaire demi bra may be of interest to you.

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Reducing Electricity Costs – Making Use of Solar Power

Electricity usage is practically a necessity in this modern age. As such, you can be sure of a recurring electricity bill. It only makes sense therefore to reduce this expense as much as possible without having to necessarily deprive yourself of comforts you might have gotten used to. It may come as a surprise just how many ways there are to accomplish this. In this entry, we will consider the use of solar power.

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Outliers, The Story of Success -Stuff I learnt

I recently read the book Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. This is the same author who wrote The Tipping Point. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Outliers. There are a number of intriguing points made. This will probably be a series of posts where I will try to relay some of what I learnt from reading this book.

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Triumph Doreen Bra -Known For Its Comfort, Support and Quality

Triumph is a leading brand name in the world of lingerie. It has been operating under this name since 1902, but its founders were already in the business for over a decade before. With such a long track record in business, one can have confidence in the quality of their products. It is no wonder that the Triumph Doreen bra is said to be the most popular bra in the world. It was introduced in 1966, so it is certainly no fly by night new comer to the scene.

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Sohodecor 2 Pack Single Colors Iridescent Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights

If you are thinking of enhancing the decor of your garden, you should consider taking advantage of stainless steel solar garden lights. The Sohodecor 2 pack single colours iridescent set is an example that will be the focus here. The stainless steel not only gives it an elegant appearance, but is also weather resistant, thereby making it fit for outdoor use. As these lights are solar powered, you don’t have to worry about incurring any additional electricity costs.

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Lunaire NY Strapless Underwire Bra

This strapless bra is a part of the Lunaire bras collection. Lunaire specialises in bras for the full-busted woman. All your typical concerns about support, comfort, looks, shaping and of course overall fit, are taken into consideration. If you are a woman endowed with large breasts, then you owe it to yourself to consider the Lunaire bra collection. Particular focus will be give to the strapless bra here.

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Chantelle Volupte Seamless Minimizer Bra 2361

Chantelle bras are known for their quality, trendiness and sensuality. Many would attest to the notion that these are some of the finest bras on the market. The Volupte Seamless minimizer is no exception. As a minimizer, this bra was made for the more voluptous women who want to give a smaller appearance, or who want to reduce movement in the chest area.

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Organic Sloggi Future Bras

Sloggi, a leading brand in the underwear industry is making significant strides in the sector.  The sloggi bras collection now includes the Sloggi future bra. The sloggi future collection comes in soft feminine colours of various sizes. However, what is most unique about the sloggi future collection is that it is a real ecological formation.

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Lunaire Versailles Seamless Jacquard Underwire Bra (13211)

Lunaire is a notable brand in the world of lingerie. Lunaire bras are made specially for the full figured woman. Sometimes when shopping for a bra, it can seem difficult to find something for the big busted woman who is slim. Lunaire understands that not all big busted women are fat. The Versailles seamless Jacquard underwire bra is just one of the many different types in the Lunaire collection.

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Stainless Steel Solar Landscape Light with 7 Colors (2 Pack)

This product comes with two lamps that change through seven colors. These stainless steel solar garden lights are ideal for the garden. As they use a new type of LED technology, they are expected to last longer in terms of running time, than normal solar lights. Being very colorful, they make for a beautiful display in your yard, and are ideal for festive occasions. Each color changes approximately every second. Since they are stainless steel, they are resistant to corrosion, which is what you want for outdoor lights. These solar lights are easy to install, as they do not require any wiring, or special tools. It really is just a matter of deciding where to place them, and sliding or twisting pieces together. These lights have a sensor that detects when it is getting dark, and so will switch on automatically. Each light can last up to 10 hours, but the battery (AA size) need to be charged fully. A Ni-Cad rechargeable battery is included. These stainless steel solar landscape lights feature an ultra-bright white LED bulb, that as mentioned before, should last longer than regular solar lights.

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Sloggi Invisible Sense Underwired Bra

In the underwear world not all bras are created equal. The features of bras can be so distinct they make a world of difference to wearers. It is advisable therefore to be acquainted with the various brands and types of bras on the market and their features. In this entry, you will learn stuff about one particular type of sloggi bra.

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Homebrite Copper Garden Landscape Solar Light

The product lists in online stores as, Homebrite Copper Garden Landscape Solar Light with Natural Warm Light, 30865, Small, Rockwell, Set of 12, Copper. This set of 12 stainless steel solar garden lights come with a brush copper finish, making them not only resistant to corrosion, but also attractive in appearance. They are useful for lighting up your yard or garden, or providing lighting for your driveway. They are very energy efficient, as they use Natural warm light LEDs in conjunction with an improved solar panel that gives twice as much luminousity, but uses less energy. The LEDs are ultra bright and can last up to one hundred thousand hours. The rechargeable Ni cad battery which is included, can last up to 2 years before the need for replacement. It comes with an automatic sensor that detects dusk and dawn so that the light can be switched on and off automatically at the appropriate times. You no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn off your light. These solar lights are easy to install, as they require no wiring. Each light is 5x5x15.5 inches.

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Can Parsley Induce Menstrual Period?

Parsley is a well known kitchen herb as it is frequently used as a garnish for many dishes. It is also widely used as flavouring in salads and soups. Many persons believe that these are the only uses of parsley. But this herb has so much more to offer and it was a desperate situation that made me aware of other benefits. I had a special celebration to attend for about one week and I was due to see my period during that week. I hate altering the course of nature but I began to explore ways in which I could delay my period. Unfortunately I was not too keen on most of the options as nearly all of them required some type of hormonal use.

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Sloggi Romance Bras

The underwear industry is revolutionalising the way it designs and markets underwear. Women have always been concerned about the practical aspects of bras and the comfort they offer. However, womens’ tastes in underwear have expanded and have become more fashion oriented. The underwear industry had to accommodate the shifting desires and tastes of women and thus intimate apparel had to be more creatively and stylistically designed. The sloggi company offers among its collection the sloggi romance bra as an alternative for the woman who wants comfort and sexiness wrapped up in one package.

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